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Handy flashlight keychains... a perfect small gift for yourself or anyone!
These handy sized keychains measure about 2.5" long, 1.5" wide, and about 3/8" thick. They include two replaceable batteries for the light, and are fully ready to use and enjoy! These keychains are made of black plastic with a clear acrylic cover over the image area.

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Our keychains not only make a great gift, but are a handy item. Whether you need just a bit of light to find the keyhole for your car or home at night, or just want to take along a great design with you wherever you go! These great keychains are not only neat, but handy and practical!

Choose an image from our gallery to get the keychain of your choice. Below are just a few examples of keychains you can get today.
Our flashlight keychains are only $4.95 each.
Visit our Gallery to browse images.