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Beautiful paintings in pastel, acrylic, or oil by Zefi Famelis.

Zefi's portraits are absolutely something special...as unique and heartwarming as the subjects themselves.

She is able to capture special moments and preserve them in a lasting portrait. She has an ability to bring out the very character of a dog, that makes you feel like you're looking right into their very soul, knowing their thoughts, enjoying the eternity of the moment.

Take a look through our gallery for a few samples of her wonderful work, but also go to her own zefiart.com website for more examples and details on her portrait work.

Contact Zefi today about a portait of your special friend!

A portrait by Zefi is a perfect way to honour your loving companion and friend forever.

To send photos or request a portrait, or for all questions and enquiries please contact zefi direct on her email...zefi.art@bigpond.com

Visit zefiart.com to see more examples of her work and get more information today.

Visit Zefi's art site today!