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EskiePages is a very dog focused small business, located in Northern Wisconsin, USA. We have been in the graphic and web design business for a number of years. In 1999, we brought our love of dogs (particularly eskies and poodles) and design together in becoming EskiePages. Though we have done various design and other work over the years, we keep our core focus on dog related products and services. In late 2005, we teamed up with designer and artist Zefi Famelis (ZefiArt), and are venturing into new and exciting territory with some excellent dog products we are began offering in early 2006. We occasionally offer other products as well, but our focus remains on dog related items, and much of this will be our new offerings with Zefi's work.

You can find our products on eBay, as well as on our EskiePages website. We'll be offering many excellent products with Zefi's wonderful designs on them. Besides these great products, you can also find original pet portraits and prints offered on Zefi's site and eBay listings from time to time. If there are products or breeds you'd like to see offered, let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.

You can contact us at our email address: mail@eskiepages.com.

Here are some of our other sites:

the poodle room - where the poodles are

eskie.net - all things eskie! (lots of general dog info as well!)

zefiart.com - zefi's art site!

pantone poodles - zefi's poodle site!